The featured engine here is a 1935 Briggs and Stratton Model Y engine that I have restored. 
Identified as: Type: 60190 Serial: 116047. This engine has had many adaptations in it's time. Some common applications 
for this engine were to run battery chargers, electric generators, lawn mowers and washing machines.
The Briggs Model Y was manufactured from 1931 to 1945, (approximate years of manufacture).
It is rated at 1/2 horsepower with a 2.25" bore and 2.25" stroke. Unlike engine blocks of more recent manufacture, engine blocks of this time period were constructed of cast iron. This model featured a horizontal crankshaft. The air cleaner on this engine used a horse hair element to filter out dirt. There were a number of different methods employed to start this engine, this one in particular uses a foot-operated starter mechanism. Many model Ys were used as washing machine power plants and the foot operated system made the engine easier to start, (especially where the ladies or children) of the household were concerned.

This engine used an L-head design, (also referred to as a flat-head). To save space the spark plug was oriented in a horizontal direction. The speed of the model Y is controlled with a pneumatic governor. 
The operating RPM range is from 1700 to 1900 RPM. This particular model Y engine has a stamped brass tag to identify it. 
The fuel mixture is provided by a 1/2 inch suction-feed mixer, (or carburetor) constructed of pot metal. The gas tank is external on this model and not incorporated as part of the base of the engine, (as was the case in some of the other 
Briggs engines of this time period). Depending on the type of gas tank utilized, (there were several types)  a check-ball 
valve was also used in models where the gas tank was mounted below the mixer, (or carburetor). The exhaust is aspirated through a 3/4" NPT threaded port. The spark plug is an 18mm flat head type: Champion 8COM.  This engine deploys a blower type of cooling mechanism with fins on the flywheel that force air over the engine block which has cooling fins to regulate the engine temperature.



Briggs and Stratton is the trade name of the Briggs and Stratton company.
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